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Regional development: Southeast Aceh District

By : Jul Fahmi Salim

In the development of a region must not only spiked on traditional development methods, this is because the traditional concept will naturally must be left with the concept of modern development. This is because the concept of traditional development based solely on the ability to improvise without focusing on the technology. While the concept of modern development will be using a variety of technologies in the development of the area. Due to the use of technology, the development process could be more efficient and more effective in terms of both time and financial terms.

   To start a modern building, there are several steps that need to be completely done by the government, namely:

  • Mapping local or region- specific region based on the existing potential.

This mapping is useful to be able to determine the potential of what is contained in each of these regions,
Coastal areas: areas where the carriageway is built harbor fish including cold storage, which areas are suitable built fish farms both onshore and brackish.
High and low-lying areas, which areas are suitable dijadiakan as barns. Which areas are suitable as freshwater fisheries center. Where appropriate region serve as the center of the estate, such as coffee, rubber, nutmeg, corn, etc.

  • Construction of access road

     Once able to map out the potential of the area, the next step is to build access roads, access roads merupaka one pulse in economic activities. Because matter how large the area and production potential in the overflow area, where there is no road access so do not expect the results of the production of useful capable stout, especially if it is an agricultural product. We all know that agricultural products are so easy to decompose, resulting in agricultural products sensitive to the presence or absence of access roads mengankut agricultural products.
Improved infrastructure
    Facilities and infrastructure is needed in a development, because without the means da infrastructures it is not impossible the development of a region can only road in place, there are infrastructure alone is not enough, but the existing ones must be improved, both in terms of quantity and quality ,
Remapped the potential of each area
After mapping and planning, re-mapping should conduct simple, the point is we have to make a priority in the implementation of such development, in order to avoid unequal tindah development process ..

   By often I read the news in a variety of electronic and print media, the Aceh economy relies heavily on the neighboring North Sumatra. Is forever be like that? We can imagine the amount of money flowing out of Aceh residents? is corroborated by reports in the foyer which is quite fantastic, the news stated Aceh 75 percent of the money flowing out of Aceh. The amount of funds that flow out of consumptive us as people of Aceh even spin in the outer regions of Aceh

In spite of it all, to improve the situation is better done from the regency / pemko respectively. Let us suppose the Southeast Aceh area (Agara). In Agara biggest economic sector is in agriculture, it is dikarena geographical position which lies in the mountainous areas and lowlands have fairly extensive., So that the agricultural sector is the largest contributor to GDP Southeast Aceh.

The biggest sector contributor to GDP Southeast Aceh dominated by the agricultural sector by 40 percent. This is because the majority of people Agara has agricultural land, both sub-sectors of food crops, fisheries, agriculture and so on. In addition to agriculture, fisheries are also very large, but it is a matter of great is not miilik a handful of people, but in congregation, hehhehe. Maksdnya is, there are many goldfish cultivation is mostly privately owned and spacious pool which tend to be small. Because each family head just pick several fishponds, because most of the fish pond which has run as a sideline, a small and often inconsistent thus resultant output was less than the maximum.

It's good caretaker Government of mapping where there is potential for aquaculture, and then do the integration with related parties eg fisheries department. The role of fisheries department here is very vital, because they are supposed to control the fishing effort, ranging from ensuring the distribution of fish feed in the form of "pellets", information regarding the cultivation of fish fingerlings until the problem is necessary. To issue the last one, if it is able to meet the needs of the region itself, needs to be done in coordination with the trade department of the fishery products to market with neighboring regions and other areas that are considered potential as a trading partner. Of course, we as a manufacturer must be able to meet consumer desires outside and be able to compete with fisheries products from outside the region so that the quantity of sales outside the stable area ..

     Can imagine the magnitude of the multiplier effect of strengthening the economy of the fisheries sector this? Ranging from employment, increase incomes of the population, a decrease in the poverty rate to increase PAD districts. It is not impossible, if we are able to maintain / consistent in terms of output, both quality and quantity, could be in the future will form the industry - small industry and if the district government wants, it can be established that carp fish processing industry. The purpose of making this industry is that we obtain value added (value added) from the sale of the fish, we do not just sell it in the form of ordinary fish, but can be processed into fish sale later in containers, can also be used as shredded as possible, with only a plus beberpa workmanship will increase the price of the fish. As a comparison only if it is sold in a state of processed blum price is Rp 25,000 / kg, while when it became a fish sale (smoked fish) selling price reached Rp. 40,000 / kg. For the sale of fish already exist that produce and apparently still on a small scale in the form of a sideline, because it is still quite difficult to find at the weekend (the traditional market for local designation Agara). Supposed to be here was the official role of cooperatives and SMEs is needed to establish seedling entrepreneur sale of this fish. Ranging from the provision of equipment, pouring soft loan, the guidance in the production process and if necessary bring together several businesses for a comparative study to other regions who have been successful in running this business. This serves to add insight and knowledge of the perpetrators of this business in order to grow into the future, is to floss I had never seen himself, perhaps because no one has memulainya..hehehe

     Enough raise the price? And that's just simply from the fisheries sector alone, what if the plantation, animal husbandry, tourism and other sectors are also optimized, imagine how big the benefits received by society as well as the perpetrators of economic activity, which in turn will increase local government revenue Agara. By strengthening one of the only sectors that form pertania sector and fisheries sub-sector, it will be able to boost the industrial sector and if it is able to produce greater will also enhance the role of transport and services sectors. It is not impossible Southeast Aceh Regency can be used as one of the areas taken into account both in and outside the scope of Aceh Province ..

Back into question in our minds together is why other areas could while our own area is not? if we are short of funds? whether the lack of coordination between the executive and the legislature? Are we too spoiled and did not want to try? if we do not have adequate human resources? Or indeed WILLINGNESS that does not exist?

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